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"What is Compounding" 

The old fashioned art of preparing medications to meet the unique needs of the individual patient.

Once all pharmacies compounded medications to meet each prescriber's unique prescription, but mass production by large drug companies made compounding a dying art.  Today, many believe it is an art that should be brought back and here at Hallettsville Pharmacy we are proud to be at the forefront of that movement.  Having a working relationship with a compounding pharmacist can expand the dimensions of a physician's practice and at the same time significantly benefit patients.
If you visit our pharmacy, you will see conventional pharmacy practice as well as a compounding lab and infusion therapy lab.  You will see the prepartation of medicines first hand.  Although this method requires extra time to research, measure, and mix, we believe it offers the best possible product---a high quality medication designed for the individual patient.
Large drug companies have made possible excellent mass produced medications and adequately fill the needs of a large percentage of patients; however, they are unable to fit every need.  Some good medications are no longer produced because the demand for them did not equal a profit to the manufacturer.  Some are available in limited strengths and dosages.  Many patients are allergic to commonly used fillers, dyes, binders and other additives.  Working with physicians, innovative compounding pharmacists are continually providing solutions to medication dosing problems, meeting patients' needs and providing improved qualitys of life.